The Decaying American Black Culture

“American Black (liberal Democrat) Culture” is decaying into an unhealthy cult of identity tribalism.

The latest example of such decay began with a Twitter fight started by Jamilah Lemieux, News and Lifestyle Editor at Ebony Magazine. Ms. Lemieux decided to take a now-ritual pot-shot at Dr. Ben Carson, calling him “insane” for speaking out on anything other than medicine.

Dr. Carson is black and conservative — and therefore, in Ms. Lemieux’ mind, not fit to engage in conversation.

Ms. Lemieux tweeted, “I forgot that tweeting about Conservatives is like putting down a cookie in a room full of cockroaches and turning out the lights.” The irony of Ms. Lemieux’ position — editor at a magazine whose masthead proudly proclaims “Diversity of Thought” — is almost too painful to contemplate.

Dr. Carson was then defended by Raffi Williams, deputy communications director for the Republican National Committee. Mr. Williams asked Ms. Lemieux to engage him in a conversation about their differing views.

Not only did Ms. Lemieux reject Mr. Williams’ offer out of hand, she
dismissed him — and his opinions — strictly because she believed him to be white.

Reince Preibus, Republican National Committee chair, then defended Mr. Williams and joined him in asking for, and receiving, an apology, from EBONY Magazine.

However, the apology was solely for the presumption that Mr. Williams was white, NOT for the dismissal of his views based upon that presumption.

Cue the Plantation Poppies, led by Netroots Nation’s media director, Elon James White.

Mr. White went for the Triple Crown of bigotry:
a) attack Mr. Williams because he’s conservative;
b) infantilize Ms. Lemieux because she’s not capable of defending herself;
c) turn the entire situation into a “Look at MEE! I’m so angry I can’t think straight!”

Waves of mindless outrage followed from the Plantation Poppies, all carefully designed to absolve Ms. Lemieux of any responsibility for her actions and paint her as the victim of racially-inspired attacks by Messrs. Williams and Preibus.

The tweets also showed a seething hatred for any black person who dares not to be a Plantation Poppy. The saddest part is the circular “justification” for their hatred and racism (“The GOP is racist because conservatives are racist. Conservatives are racist because the GOP is racist.” ) coupled with a *complete* unwillingness to engage with any conservatives.

Denial is strong on the Black Democrat Plantation, and nowhere is it stronger than within its self-proclaimed overseers such as Ms. Lemieux and Mr. White.

Congressional Black Capuchins, or Deflection, Denial and Debasement

Former Internal Revenue Service chief Lois Lerner took the Fifth … AGAIN … and refused … AGAIN … to provide information to the House Oversight Committee on the IRS’ targeting of conservative and TEA Party organizations, despite her “secret” talks with Department of Justice officials.

It is clear at this point that Ms. Lerner is blocking a “trail of breadcrumbs” that leads deep into the White House.

This blatant flouting of the legislative branch would be too much for even the State Controlled Urban Media (SCUM) to ignore without some bright, shiny bauble to act as an attention-getter.

Enter Representative Elijah Cummings (D-MI), ranking minority committee member and Congressional Black Caucus member.

Representative Cummings waited until the hearing had been gaveled closed to proceed to throw a temper tantrum, harangue Chairman Darrell Issa for being “denied the ability to speak,” and do his best to make himself the wronged victim. (All in the sight of cameras. Of course.)

Just in case the SCUM had any doubt about the message to be taken from this tawdry piece of Kabuki theater, who should show up the next day but one of the Capuchins’ official sanctimeney-in-chief, Jesse Jackson, to ritually denounce Chairman Issa’s refusal to play along as “cruel, divisive, racist and wrong.”

Expect the SCUM to dutifully report on RepresentativeCummings’ tantrum and ignore Ms. Lerner’s stonewalling.

Mission accomplished, Capuchins.

Twitter: The Amway of the Internet?

Now, before you start frothing into your frappucinos and
(metaphorically?) banging down the doors of this blog, take a deep breath and envision WHY this person drew the parallel she did. There’s more than a grain of truth to it.

People learn about new things by drawing parallels to things with which they are familiar. “X is like Y, but with the following differences.”

What characteristics do Twitter share with Amway? Three powerful ones:

1) “Solicit followers.” Twitter is technically a “micro-blogging” service. The success of any blog – micro, macro, or in-between – is rated by the number of its viewers. Regular viewers of a Twitter user’s timeline – “followers” – have chosen to receive that Twitter user’s updates. Getting people to follow you on Twitter is the equivalent of getting people into your “down line” in Amway.
2) “Build your name.” Twitter encourages users to “tweet” – post updates – regularly on topics of interest to keep your name “fresh” and “out there.” Twitter also encourages the use of descriptive information in the user’s biography and profile, as well as the creation and organization of lists to easily spot favored tweets and find new people to follow.
3) “Promote your network.” Once one gets beyond approximately 2,000 followers, Twitter explicitly begins showing ads on one’s Twitter home page encouraging one to purchase ads on Twitter in order to promote oneself to gain followers. Purchasing the ads will cause one’s Twitter profile to appear in the “Favored” or “Encouraged to Follow” sidebars of others’ Twitter home pages. Some Twitter user management sites such as [] also have ads “soliciting” bulk purchases of Twitter followers.

Devoid of context, how does one determine whether the phrases “Solicit followers; build your name; promote your network” apply to Twitter or to Amway?

The point here is not to beatify or condemn either product. Twitter and Amway are both tools. Their results are determined by how they are explained, grasped and used.

Here’s yet another example of the “Amway-ization of Twitter.” The following invitation was Tweeted into my inbox this week:

Speaking of “gaining followers,” Twitter is not above encouraging others to use the social network for that purpose:

It is easy for those of us who eat, sleep and drink social media to believe that everyone “gets it” the way we do. The messages we leave with others are not always those we intend or think we leave.

Roast a BRAT for Warmth

The United States and Europe are shivering through a surplus of global warming right now, so any method of staying warm is appreciated. Fortunately a fat juicy BRAT (Bigoted, Racist, Arrogant Twidiot) happened to jump onto my Twitter timeline uninvited.

BRATS provide a handy fuel source for roasting AND a food source afterwards:

Sometimes BRATs get caught in the grill or firebox. They sputter and make a lot of noise when they try to get moved:

Butterflied BRATs tend to spontaneously self-combust when moved under pressure. This self-combustion provides much heat, but little light.

Turning the BRAT over is the best way to ensure thorough grilling:

Once the BRAT is removed from the grill or firebox, be sure to let cool slightly, as splatters may still ensue:

However, once thoroughly grilled, BRATs combine fine dining with a plentiful fuel source:

So roast a BRAT for warmth today!

Sacrament of Holy Sanctimony: Geraldo Rivera Accuses Bill O’Reilly of Stripping Barack Obama of His ‘Majesty’

This is almost too hilariously painful to contemplate.

Geraldo Rivera made a name for himself as a champion of the “underdog,” uncovering the plight of the wronged masses and personifying the “speak-truth-to-power” meme. (Collecting some favorable publicity along the way didn’t hurt.)

The idea of fawning over those in power, worrying about their place in society / history, or – gasp! – castigating a fellow journalist for not being deferential to an elected official would have been greeted with howls of derision by the Geraldo Rivera of thirty years ago.

Alas, time mutes every lion’s roar. The Geraldo Rivera of today sets new lows of obsequiousness in his paeans to Barack Obama.

Mr. Rivera even took Bill O’Reilly to task for Mr. O’Reilly’s just-beyond-powder-puff interview of Barack Obama that preceded Super Bowl XLVIII. President Obama’s dodges, weaves and deflections of Mr. O’Reilly’s questions were only surpassed by Percy Harvin’s dodges and weaves through the Denver Broncos’ return team.

This mild interview “minimized” the President and “stripped” him of his “majesty,” according to Mr. Rivera:

[ ]

This sanctimonious segment leaves me with three thoughts:

1) The United States has a President, not a monarch. We fought a War of Independence to rid ourselves of a monarchy. (These tidbits appear to have escaped the notice of some.)
2) Mr. Rivera’s comments make it clear that he disapproved of Mr. O’Reilly’s questioning of President Obama. Mr. Rivera considered Mr. O’Reilly’s interview, in and of itself, an attempt to bring President Obama “down” to Mr. O’Reilly’s level.
3) Mr. Rivera himself is so invested in Obama that he uncritically accepts the concept of President Obama’s “majesty” without understanding that one cannot have a “majesty” / monarch without having subjects. If Mr. Rivera considers President Obama “His Majesty,” then Mr. Rivera is also President Obama’s subject.

Doubling Down on Dumbocracy, or, The Latest Dispatch from the Complete Buffoonery Office

President Obama’s cheerleaders are determined to spin every piece of news into a positive for him regardless of how well it comports with reality and regardless of how ridiculous the attempts make them appear. The myrmidons of mayhem are totally nonplussed by attempts to illustrate or mitigate their zeal.

Take, for example, the Congressional Budget Office’s report that the Affordable Care Act, henceforth “Obamacare,” will cause employers to reduce employment by 2.3 million full-time jobs per year between 2015 and 2024.

This is a clear, irrefutable, and damning statement against Obamacare. How could anyone possibly view losing 2.3 million full-time workers as a plus?

“Easy.” (Yes, those were scare quotes.) Forcing 2.3 million full-time workers off the employment rolls is actually giving them a “choice” to work less:

This is like choosing to have the chocolate ration increased from ten grams to zero.

Apparently, some see this as giving workers more “choices.”

The “choice” of being a pawn of the State must give one an exhilarating sense of “freedom.”


The amount of energy Obamacare fans have invested in taking Obamacare seriously is inversely proportional to the ability of others to take them seriously.

Radical Infemynysm: I am Woman. Hear Me Drone

The “radical feminist” movement, which prides itself at being at the forefront of the feminist movement in general, has completely lost its way and is dangerously close to becoming a parody of Itself and going down in flames of complete irrelevance and mockery.

Exhibit A is the following post which posits that all — yes, ALL — traditional, penis-in-vagina (PIV) intercourse is rape.

“Just to recall a basic fact: Intercourse/PIV is always rape, plain and simple.”

[ ]

Exhibit B is the following tweet, which posits that inserting a tampon into a vagina (TIV) is also rape:

“The Tampon is a MALE invention designed to OPPRESS women into RAPING themselves and spending their hard-earned money.”

I will now pause for a moment while you re-set your dislocated jaws.

This blog entry and tweet each claim to strike a blow for feminism. On the contrary, these posts trivialize rape, stripping the word of its meaning and of its power.

Rape is about power. Rape is about dominance. Rape is about subjugation to another’s will. The sex act is almost incidental to rape.

If PIV is rape, and TIV is rape, then everything is rape.

If everything is rape, than nothing is rape — and these self-same “radical feminists” will be at the forefront of the “women aren’t taken seriously when they scream ‘rape!’” discussion.