Slouching Tiger, Sodden Nixon: A Folly in Ferguson

Governor Jay Nixon (D-Missouri) stepped up to the podium on Day Eight of the civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri — and proved himself totally incapable of dealing with the situation. Directionless, evasive and stumbling, Governor Nixon rapidly lost control of a press conference that had more media attendees than local Ferguson attendees:

In a week fraught with irony, Malik Shabazz of the New Black Panther Party had to step in answer a question posed to the Governor as to how the midnight-to-5am-curfew would be enforced:

After the looting that accompanied the night of Day Seven, any trust / cooperation between the residents of Ferguson and the police — local, county, or state — has to be gone. An explosion is dangerously imminent.

Side note: Did you notice those pictures of shopkeepers defending their property? THIS is why we have a Second Amendment. When seconds count, the police are just minutes — or hours — away. Black businesses were looted / robbed by black thugs, and the police did little or nothing to stop it. Each of us has a right and duty to protect ourselves.

Flaming Ferguson, Waning Williams: One Village, Two Worlds

The “extended weekend” of August 10-12, 2014 saw two deaths happen in the United States. That, in and of itself, its not unusual. Nationwide reactions to those deaths, however, illustrate a socio-political chasm that is being exacerbated by current events.

On Saturday night, 18-year-old Mike Brown, of Ferguson, Missouri, was killed by a city police officer. The complete details surrounding Brown’s death remain unclear. From what we have been given to understand as of Tuesday noon:

  • Brown was unarmed and offered no resistance.
  • Brown died of multiple (perhaps as many as ten) gunshot wounds.

Demonstrators rioted and looted stores in the Ferguson area and in nearby Saint Louis (twelve miles away) on Saturday night. Protests against Brown’s killing continued on Sunday and Monday nights.

On Monday afternoon, 63-year-old Robin Williams was found dead. The complete details of Williams’ death remain unclear, but the Marin County (CA) coroner leans toward suicide.

Williams’ work as an actor and a comedian made him much better known, both nationally and internationally, than Brown. It should come as no surprise that his death would affect more people than Brown’s death would — completely independent of race. The idea that mourning Williams’ death means not being able to mourn Brown’s death is demeaning to both Brown and Williams.

But the tweets of those who condemn mourning Robin Williams’ death show the yawning isolationism in the black community and the chasm that charlatans like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson wish to foment between blacks and the rest of America:

Sharpton intends to meet with Brown’s family today, no doubt to “address” a situation such as this.

ISIS: Mr. President, You Did Build That!

Seven months ago — in January, 2014 — President Obama described the terrorist group ISIS as follows:

The analogy we use around here sometimes, and I think is accurate, is if a jayvee team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant.

Well, this “jayvee” team appear to be doing pretty well for themselves:

  • They are starving / slaughtering 40,000 Chaldean Christians in Iraq;
  • They have seized control of Iraq’s largest dam;
  • They are working to control the power supply for Iraq’s “second city,” Mosul.
  • They are heading for Iraq’s “first city,” Baghdad.
  • They have said they will not stop “… until they raise the flag of Allah over the White House.”

And how might ISIS be funding all of these (and other) activities, you might ask?

By selling oil on the black market. To the tune of THREE MILLION DOLLARS PER DAY. Kobe might WELL be jealous.

The President should have been building a bipartisan coalition in the Congress for approval for air strikes against ISIS.

However, his curious detachment DOES allow him to maintain his mantle of (self-)righteousness a little longer.

Rest well, Mr. President, as you head off on your well-deserved vacation.

This is one jump-shot you CAN sink … directly into the heart of Iraq’s Christian population.

Compromise with Democrats: Exercising Your Right To Lose

NEVER compromise with Democrats in particular or with the PROs (Pelosi, Reid, Obama) in particular.

Trying to compromise with Democrats or the PROs is like trying to compromise with a boa constrictor.

A boa constrictor is relentless. A boa constrictor is single-minded. A boa constrictor’s goal is to squeeze the life out of you.

Political opponents of Democrats — be they Republicans, Libertarians or some other party — need to view Democrats appropriately, and plan appropriately.

California Teaming … We Don’t Know What To Say

The Law of Unintended Consequences may be expressed in many ways, the pithiest among them being “Be careful of what you wish for … you just might get it.”

My gay and lesbian brethren in California have just received an unintended (but aren’t they always?) lesson in the application of the aforementioned Law.

Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 1306, which was sponsored
by San Francisco State Senator Mark Leno, on July 7, 2014. The bill removes references to “husband” or “wife” from California’s Family Law statues, replacing the words with the gender-neutral terms “spouse” or “married persons,” effective January 1, 2015.

State Senator Leno said that the bill would “remove biased and outdated language” from California’s statutes. Senator Leno is correct from a semantic perspective.

However, those gay men who attach great import to being able to being able to refer to their partner as “my husband,” and those gay women who attach similar import to being able to refer to their partner as “my wife,” won’t be able to find any legal backing for that in the California Family Law statute after the end of this year — there will only be the bland term “spouse.”

The same will be the case, of course, for heterosexual couples — they won’t be able to find the term “husband” or “wife” in the California Family Law statutes, either. However, heterosexual couples won’t see this as “removal of biased and outdated language” — they’ll see this as yet another repudiation of the will of the people in the wake of Proposition 8.

So, as was mentioned earlier … “Be careful of what you wish for. You just might get it.”

Run From The Border: President Coward-Pissen

The Obama Administration’s systemic destruction of the fabric of the United States of America took a new and macabre turn last week with the arrival of thousands of illegal aliens from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico. This human tsunami is 80% males between the ages of 14 and 18 — a population rife for conscription into gangs such as MS-13 (who are busy working the “processing centers”) with Amway-style zeal) and carriers of public health threats such as pneumonic plague and drug-resistant tuberculosis.

Worse still, once these illegals are processed, they are allowed to fly WITHOUT any photo ID — just a paper, easily duplicated or modified “Notice to Appear” which tells them to appear in court at some date in the future. So much for TSA keeping our skies safe.

The President’s response to this national security and public health emergency has been to feign indifference, saying that he was not into “photo ops” (which will come as news to many) and that he was fully informed about what was happening on the border. Reuters and Yahoo! News decided to play along, publishing an article titled “President Obama Visits The Border” along with a picture of him speaking in Denver. (Perhaps Reuters and Yahoo were referring to the border of Denver’s Cheeseman Park.)

Given the fleets of shiny new buses and youth sporting “Yes We Can!” sneakers, one must question the ‘spontaneity’ of this ‘flood’ of Central Americans seeking refuge. And why aren’t they seeking refuge in Mexico? It’s a heck of a lot closer than the United States.

Speaking of “fleets of shiny new buses and ‘Yes we Can!’ sneakers” … where did that money / planning come from? Even tsunami take some time to develop … and we can find the swells by looking at requested appropriations from four years ago.

This overrunning of our borders is not happenstance. It is deliberate, systemic, and part of an all-out effort to topple the United States from its position as the leader of the free world. It pains me to say that the leader of that effort is Barack Hussein Obama.

Jeepers, CREEP-IRS: Why’d You Smash Those Drives?

Gather around, my children, and let me take you back to the misty years of 1970.

It was the time of the Committee to RE-Elect the President, or CREEP. This organization would stop at *nothing* to guarantee the re-election of President Nixon. Why, it would even stoop so low as to break into the campaign headquarters of the opposition party.

But the bright line… the action that toppled a Presidency… was the *threat* of using the powers of the Internal Revenue Service to target high-level operatives in the Democratic Party. That threat, plus the cover-up of that threat, is what led to Richard Nixon’s resignation. (The purpose of the break-in at the Watergate Hotel was to find the names of top-level Democrats who might be vulnerable to such pressure.)

Fast-forward 40 years.

The Internal Revenue Service was now “weaponized” into an explicit means of destruction, aimed at targeting conservative and TEA Party organizations by stalling or denying their applications for tax-exempt status. This targeting would stifle grass-roots opposition to President Obama’s re-election.

The threats of 1970 were now actually carried out… and against “ordinary,” middle-class citizens, not political operatives. We were seeing the aphorism “The power to tax is the power to destroy.” being carried out with stealth ruthlessness.

We now arrive at the present… where, once again, “it’s not just the lie; it’s the cover-up.”

First, we are assured that a senior IRS official “broke no laws” and “committed no wrong-doing”… before refusing to testify. Not once, but twice.

Next, we are assured that all documentation to and from this official will be made available to Congress… before being told that – OOPS! — two years’ worth of email has been “lost.”

Well, all organizations of any size have backups, and Federal organizations have backups of backups. IRS rules require printed backups of all correspondence, so no big deal, right?

“Oh, no, the backup servers have crashed as well. The emails are gone. Not only are this official’s emails gone, but so are those of six other people involved.”


That excuse didn’t work in third grade. It certainly won’t work now. Please turn over the personal computer(s) that this official used for IRS correspondence.

“Oh, the hard drives have been destroyed.”

Even the most stubbornly willful, partisan politician will connect the dots and see that willful destruction of evidence, perjury and malice aforethought is being done to conceal direct White House involvement.

Clearly, information in this official’s correspondence directly indicts the President in directing the IRS to target conservative and TEA Party groups. This correspondence likely indicts a ranking Congressman as a conduit of information between the White House and the Internal Revenue Service as well.

So history may, in fact, repeat itself. The tragedy of learning history is that we appear to learn nothing from history.