The Weasel Has Scam-ded: Barack Obama Announces Eric Holder’s Already-Announced Resignation

The President took to the airwaves today to announce something that had already been announced several hours earlier: Attorney General Eric Holder would be stepping down, and would leave office upon confirmation of a successor.

Holder’s signature accomplishments — protecting his boss, Barack Obama, from prosecution and rending the Justice Department by race and class in similar fashion to Obama’s rending of the United States — overshadow his appointment as the first black Attorney General.

Holder’s tenure was marked by obstruction, defiance and malfeasance. A brief sketch of his calumny would appear as follows:

  • His orchestration of the “Fast and Furious” gun-running across our southern border into Mexico;
  • His attack on Arizona when it attempted to protect its border by passing Senate Bill 1070;
  • His attacks on state voter identification bills and voting rights in general;
  • His lack of prosecution of the New Black Panther Party for their voter intimidation during the 2008 election;
  • His attempts to spy upon and criminalize journalists who dared to investigate the department;
  • His attempts to remotely litigate the Trayvon Martin case and use it to manipulate “stand your ground” laws;
  • His contempt of Congress and the articles of impeachment brought against him;
  • His milking of the standoff in Ferguson, Missouri to stoke racial animus across the nation;
  • His blatant injection of a race and class agenda into a color-blind position and department.

Holder has maintained that he never intended to serve until the end of President Obama’s second term, but the timing of his resignation is at best curious. Is he setting himself up for a Vice-Presidential run with Hillary Clinton? Possibly a Supreme Court nomination? In any case, one
of President Obama’s most controversial Cabinet members is leaving — not before time.

Negro Felon League: R.I.P., N.F.L.

So long, National Football League. It was nice knowing you.

You had a great product when you were only concerned with entertaining the American public.

You used to stick to giving us a single topic — football — to unite us in friendly rivalries.

And you got fat and sassy and obscenely rich as a result.

But even that wasn’t good enough for you, N.F.L.

You were overtaken by “do-gooder-ism” and greed.

You had to stuff outside issues like Michael Sam’s homosexuality down everyone’s throat.

You had to play sanctimonious “peek-a-boo” with domestic violence — slamming Ray Rice with a “de facto” lifetime ban while giving Ray Lewis a slap on the wrist and pretending that Adrian Peterson didn’t even exist.

You had to shamelessly pander to women by turning 32 stadia into walking cotton candy advertisements for breast cancer every October while pretending that prostate cancer doesn’t even exist.

This 45-year fan has had enough. Today’s owners no longer work for the fans (if they ever did) — they only work for their teams’ sponsors.

Owners may be perfectly happy with that arrangement. Fans should choose their loyalties appropriately.

The Sinking of the S.S. TKCAL

Some of you in the Twitterverse have been subject to the ramblings of one Theron Kenneth Cal, also known as “Real Brother.” He has used his Web site (, UStream podcast, and various Twitter accounts (four, at last count) to spew an irrationally poisonous mix of black separatism, Obama worship, misogyny, and megalomania that would be almost amusing if it weren’t so potentially dangerous to himself and to others.

One could dismiss Theron as a mere Internet “troll” or “useless eater” if he did not, during his multiple stints on Twitter, collect a set of ‘followers’ that actually buy into his insanity.

He was particularly virulent this past Sunday (07 September 2014):

Now, why does Theron consider me to be ‘mentally ill?’ Because I am black and do not support Barack Obama. (One is free to draw one’s own conclusions.)

My sexuality has never been a secret on Twitter — I’m wearing a “leather bear” T-shirt in my Twitter picture.

Needless to say, I’ve never been a Ku Klux Klan member, either.

So, I decided to have a little fun with him:

That caused him to start completely losing it:

Clearly, Theron’s megalomanic, homophobic paranoia has completely consumed him:

A good psychotic will continue lumbering on in the face of all good logic, and Theron is no exception:

Of course, a heaping helping of hypocrisy is mandatory — call it the “cherry on top,” if you will:

This, after Theron had boasted of surviving his own cancer surgery two years ago.

So, despite his best efforts, and despite his slavish worship of Barack Obama, Theron Kenneth Cal speaks ONLY for himself and DOES NOT represent all melanin-endowed people. (Thank heavens!)

Slouching Tiger, Sodden Nixon: A Folly in Ferguson

Governor Jay Nixon (D-Missouri) stepped up to the podium on Day Eight of the civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri — and proved himself totally incapable of dealing with the situation. Directionless, evasive and stumbling, Governor Nixon rapidly lost control of a press conference that had more media attendees than local Ferguson attendees:

In a week fraught with irony, Malik Shabazz of the New Black Panther Party had to step in answer a question posed to the Governor as to how the midnight-to-5am-curfew would be enforced:

After the looting that accompanied the night of Day Seven, any trust / cooperation between the residents of Ferguson and the police — local, county, or state — has to be gone. An explosion is dangerously imminent.

Side note: Did you notice those pictures of shopkeepers defending their property? THIS is why we have a Second Amendment. When seconds count, the police are just minutes — or hours — away. Black businesses were looted / robbed by black thugs, and the police did little or nothing to stop it. Each of us has a right and duty to protect ourselves.

Flaming Ferguson, Waning Williams: One Village, Two Worlds

The “extended weekend” of August 10-12, 2014 saw two deaths happen in the United States. That, in and of itself, its not unusual. Nationwide reactions to those deaths, however, illustrate a socio-political chasm that is being exacerbated by current events.

On Saturday night, 18-year-old Mike Brown, of Ferguson, Missouri, was killed by a city police officer. The complete details surrounding Brown’s death remain unclear. From what we have been given to understand as of Tuesday noon:

  • Brown was unarmed and offered no resistance.
  • Brown died of multiple (perhaps as many as ten) gunshot wounds.

Demonstrators rioted and looted stores in the Ferguson area and in nearby Saint Louis (twelve miles away) on Saturday night. Protests against Brown’s killing continued on Sunday and Monday nights.

On Monday afternoon, 63-year-old Robin Williams was found dead. The complete details of Williams’ death remain unclear, but the Marin County (CA) coroner leans toward suicide.

Williams’ work as an actor and a comedian made him much better known, both nationally and internationally, than Brown. It should come as no surprise that his death would affect more people than Brown’s death would — completely independent of race. The idea that mourning Williams’ death means not being able to mourn Brown’s death is demeaning to both Brown and Williams.

But the tweets of those who condemn mourning Robin Williams’ death show the yawning isolationism in the black community and the chasm that charlatans like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson wish to foment between blacks and the rest of America:

Sharpton intends to meet with Brown’s family today, no doubt to “address” a situation such as this.

ISIS: Mr. President, You Did Build That!

Seven months ago — in January, 2014 — President Obama described the terrorist group ISIS as follows:

The analogy we use around here sometimes, and I think is accurate, is if a jayvee team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant.

Well, this “jayvee” team appear to be doing pretty well for themselves:

  • They are starving / slaughtering 40,000 Chaldean Christians in Iraq;
  • They have seized control of Iraq’s largest dam;
  • They are working to control the power supply for Iraq’s “second city,” Mosul.
  • They are heading for Iraq’s “first city,” Baghdad.
  • They have said they will not stop “… until they raise the flag of Allah over the White House.”

And how might ISIS be funding all of these (and other) activities, you might ask?

By selling oil on the black market. To the tune of THREE MILLION DOLLARS PER DAY. Kobe might WELL be jealous.

The President should have been building a bipartisan coalition in the Congress for approval for air strikes against ISIS.

However, his curious detachment DOES allow him to maintain his mantle of (self-)righteousness a little longer.

Rest well, Mr. President, as you head off on your well-deserved vacation.

This is one jump-shot you CAN sink … directly into the heart of Iraq’s Christian population.

Compromise with Democrats: Exercising Your Right To Lose

NEVER compromise with Democrats in particular or with the PROs (Pelosi, Reid, Obama) in particular.

Trying to compromise with Democrats or the PROs is like trying to compromise with a boa constrictor.

A boa constrictor is relentless. A boa constrictor is single-minded. A boa constrictor’s goal is to squeeze the life out of you.

Political opponents of Democrats — be they Republicans, Libertarians or some other party — need to view Democrats appropriately, and plan appropriately.