The Witless Rapier

Social media — Twitter, Instagram, Vine, et alia — have provided a useful means for giving more of the people of the world a chance to speak out on the issues of the day.

However, social media have also provided an opportunity for those same people of the world to flaunt their smugness, idiocy and general rudeness at every opportunity.

I was reminded of those truisms during an encounter with a fellow Twitterer using the handle of JAHMMARASTAFARI. To save space, I shall henceforth refer to this Twitterer simply as “J”.

A discussion about pregnancy careened into the weeds with the following assertion from “J”:


Yes. Really.

One might believe that “laying low” might be the best response to the previous Twitter faux pas. One would be incorrect.

Having inserted one foot into his mouth, “J” proceeded to add the second foot with this show-stopper:


The most misogynistic troll on Twitter? The most clueless poster on Twitter? Or both?  Let’s find out:



His tart response to a query about would he obey laws against same:


Lovely.  Misogyny and anti-Semitism.  Great combination.

But back to that sex thing …


Well, there’s always California SB 967, which states (among other things) that California community colleges, California State colleges/universities and the UC system may not accept intoxication as a defense against a rape claim. “J”‘s tortured, non-sequitur responses were:

It only applies to California State University campuses.

“It only applies to persons on campus.

UCLA isn’t a state school.

(Yes, somehow, the University of California at Los Angeles receives no funding from the State of California.)

Then, our super-genius decided to pull out ALL the stops:


(As if arguing with a heterosexual man would make any difference …)


I don’t think intoxication is the gating factor here.


Whoa.  Let’s just back this truck up a bit, shall we?  WHERE did MDMA / “Molly” / Ecstasy come into this equation? We were discussing getting a girl drunk in order to have sex with her, and “J” suddenly brings MDMA into this?  Although it appears the only way “J” can have sex with a woman is to “drug her or drunk her,” which is quite telling.

The Westside of Los Angeles … you have been warned.

Autopsy on Black America: Ferguson, Missouri to Baltimore, Maryland

History repeats itself — the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce.

The Obama Administration has used the rot that infests American Black culture, as exemplified in the eight months between the Flameout at Ferguson and the Burnout at Baltimore, to further drive a wedge between the Black community and the rest of America, callously using their grievances to further their goals of martial law.

The parallels between Ferguson and Baltimore follow a by-now drearily familiar Kabuki script:

  1. Young black man dies after interaction with law enforcement. Check.
  2. Grieving black community gets together to bury young black man. Check.
  3. President dispatches White House aides to young black man’s funeral. Check.
  4. Peaceful protests suddenly explode into violence. Check.
  5. Mayor instructs local police force to “stand down” and not interfere with looting mobs. Check.
  6. Mobs loot, and then set fire to, an uninvolved store in the neighborhood. Check.
  7. Mayor displays shocking detachment from, and unawareness of, local situation. Check.
  8. Governor must finally step in and call out the state’s National Guard. Check.
  9. Subsequent night(s) of burning, looting, and other violence overwhelm local police and fire resources. Check.
  10. Mayor calls in Al Sharpton to “bring healing to the community (!).” Check.

One cannot look at this and not see this as being orchestrated. The Obama Administration, never one to “let an opportunity go to waste,” saw Ferguson, Missouri as a chance to foment civil uprising in the Black community. That didn’t work out, so they’re trying again in Baltimore.

Somewhere, Over the Bay Bridge, Sanity Died …

It will not come as a surprise to many to hear that the American Left have forged an unholy alliance with American Black Victicrats.

I was reminded of that fact when I stumbled into this viscous vale of vicissitudes late last week:

After I re-hinged my jaw and found some duct tape to hold together the fragments of my exploding head, I asked the original tweeter if she were serious, or if she were just ‘trolling:’

Not only was she serious … she was seriously determined NOT to hear a dissenting point of view:

The original tweeter styles herself as an East Bay “writer of color.” One must presume she uses blue or black ink to pen her ponderous prose.

But even I was left gobsmacked by her final tweets, dispensed as ‘pearls of wisdom’ to a grudgingly ungrateful Twitterverse:

If this is what is supposed to pass for “contemporary Black American thought,” then we are truly done for.

Ted Cruz Controls the Left

Senator Ted Cruz’ announcement yesterday that he would be a candidate for the Presidency of the United States sent the American Left into a complete, headless-chicken terror. The Left are terrified that Senator Cruz can — and will — win the Presidency in 2016.

Not only did Senator Cruz have the ‘audacity’ (from the perspective of the Left) to announce his candidacy, he had the tactical brilliance to do it on the fifth anniversary of the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare,”) thereby neutralizing any positive press the White House may have hoped to obtain from that occasion.

The anti-Cruz drones received their laughingly predictable talking points and began to swarm:

  • “Cruz is ineligible to run for President because he was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Show us your birth certificate, Ted!”

After six years of insisting that Barack Obama’s birth certificate didn’t matter, this is beyond parody. But, for the terminally obtuse, Ted’s mother was born in Delaware, so Ted is an American citizen by birth. Ted has shown his birth certificate to anyone who’s cared to see it.

“Ted wants to repeal Obamacare, so he doesn’t care about the millions of people who will lose health insurance as a result.”
Having health insurance and being able to use it are two different things — a ridiculously high deductible is effectively the same as being uninsured for most Americans under Obamacare, so they’re just throwing away their monthly premiums. Obamacare fans didn’t show the came concern for the millions who lost health insurance they liked before the passage of Obamacare, so their current disingenuousness at Cruz’ vow to repeal Obamacare is totally self-serving.

So, we know who scares the Left out of their pajamas.


Sellout at Selma

President Barack Obama, true to his Kenyan Luo slave-owner-and-trader roots, sold out the Black American community last week — once again — at the 50th anniversary commemoration of the march on Selma, Alabama.

One may be forgiven, however, for not noticing this in the completely artificial “did-they-or-didn’t-they?” kerfuffle over whether or not Fox News Channel actually covered the commemoration. (They did, for the record.)

The original 1965 Selma march protested Black citizens’ being denied the right to vote. Blacks — and Whites supporting them — were targeted and beaten by police. It was a horrible, ugly moment in our nation’s history.

President Obama proceeded to throw away whatever credibility he may have lent to that solemn occasion by saying that denying illegal aliens the right to vote “… would violate the spirit of Selma.”

To complete the painful irony, Representative John Lewis, one of the original Selma marchers, was a featured speaker at the 50th Anniversary commemoration. Representative Lewis didn’t say one word then or since.

Let that sink in for a moment.

The President said that an entire class of LEGAL CITIZENS were no different than ILLEGAL ALIENS.

That was for Barack Obama to say, though.

He never cared for American blacks.

Just for their votes.

Bibi 4, Baby 0

Prime Minister Binyamin “Bibi” Netanyahu came to the United States to deliver a critical pair of speeches — first to the American/Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC), and then to a joint session of Congress — on March 2nd and 3rd, respectively, 2015. These were critical speeches for the survival of Israel as a country, and for peace and tolerance in the Middle East.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, well aware of the stakes, gave the speeches of his life, particularly to Congress. Eloquent, forceful, and statesmanlike, Netanyahu laid out four key points:

  • Iran must stop its aggression against its neighbors in the Middle East;
  • Iran must stop supporting terrorism around the world;
  • Iran must stop threatening to annihilate Israel;
  • Israel will stand up for itself, even if it must stand alone.

These wholly unremarkable points were met with rock-star approval by the overwhelming majority of Members of Congress who attended the speech.

One person, however, made himself conspicuous by his absence — President Barack Obama. Continuing his weeks-long temper tantrum, Obama made sure he was “too busy” to attend the speech, but conveniently found time to bad-mouth Netanyahu to every sympathetic talking head available. Obama also ordered Democratic Members of Congress to boycott Netanyahu’s speech … which makes one wonder why that whole Civil War was fought.

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s diplomatic takedown of President Obama caused Obama to recoil from him as a moth would from a blowtorch. Obama couldn’t bear the thought of seeing Netanyahu take the “rock star” attention from him, so Obama had to “run and hide” — gossiping like a catty seventh-grade girl — while Netanyahu was in Washington, D.C.

Worse, Obama treated Congress — Democrats in general and the Congressional Black Caucus in particular — as his “posse,” expecting them to fall in line with him. (Obama may be forgiven that attitude, given Speaker John Diso-Boehner’s recent behavior.)

Having seen, at least briefly, how a *true* national leader behaves, it will be interesting to see if the House and Senate grow enough of a spine to defy Obama and actually support the State of Israel. Hope springs eternal.

Barack Obama: Come Out, Come Out, Whatever You Are …

President Obama has apparently decided to come out of his spiritual and moral closet.

At the February 5, 2015 National Prayer Breakfast, the President chided Christians as being on their “high horse” for being angry at terrorist beheadings and immolations by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), noting that “… during the Crusades, terrible things were done in the name of Christ” and that “… slavery and Jim Crow, in this country, were justified in the name of Christianity.”

These remarks are repugnant and offensive as a human being, a Christian, and an American.

Muslims had spread from the Middle East throughout Europe and forcibly conquered much of its territory, killing those who would not submit, between 800 and 1050 AD. The Crusades were a defensive war by Christians to re-take previously Christian land from Muslims. The President’s use of the Crusades in this context is a classic case of a bully’s whining when his intended victim fights back, and is totally beneath his station (but not his character.)

The suggestions that slavery and Jim Crow laws were justified in this country on the basis of Christianity would be tragicomic if they weren’t so ignorant. There were perceived economic justifications for slavery, and perceived social justifications for Jim Crow laws, but they had nothing to do with religion.

Using any of them to provide absolution for ISIS’ behavior, particularly after one of our countrywomen have been killed by ISIS, goes beyond bad taste and into religious sociopathy.

Mayor Rudolph Guiliani, speaking his mind (and that of all of America,) responded to President Obama’s remarks by saying “I’m not sure whether President Obama really loves this country.”

This otherwise unremarkable ’emperor-has-no-clothes’ statement was treated with DEFCON 5 urgency by the State Controlled Urban Media (SCUM), who proceeded to attack Mayor Giuliani as if he had just Tweeted our nuclear launch codes. To Mayor Giuliani’s credit, he doubled down on his statement, and the SCUM responded by trying to get Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to comment on the Mayor’s comment.

The door that was opened just a bit when George Stephanopoulos corrected then-Senator Obama’s “my Muslim faith” to “my Christian faith” has now been flung wide open.